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Watch Your Steps With a Pedometer


Obviously, one of the keys to losing weight is exercise. And one of the best ways to get exercise is to take a one-hour walk every day.

Walking continuously for an hour not only boosts cardiac fitness, but also creates tiny blood vessels that provide your heart with additional blood flow — which could save your life in the event of a heart attack.

In addition, walking creates tiny insulin receptors that regulate blood sugar.

Another way to measure a one-hour walk is that it is generally comprised of 10,000 steps. If you love gadgets, using a pedometer instead of a watch may give you the psychological boost that keeping track of time doesn’t.

The pedometer is a portable device that measures a person’s physical activity level throughout the day.

Pedometers are affordable, reliable, and can be a good motivational tool.

They can be worn at the waist, arm, or ankle.

Nowadays, most smartphones can add a pedometer application.

Unfortunately, these often are not as accurate as the ones you fasten to your body. There are some pretty inexpensive models out there that work just fine – like this one.

Remember, the goal is 10,000 continuous steps. You can certainly use a pedometer to track daily activity, too. But it’s important that the 10,000-step walk be continuous.

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