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The Concierge Cardiology Approach to Treating Valvular Heart Disease

Through a concierge cardiology approach, Dr. Chauncey Crandall is able to dedicate the time and personalized care needed to help patients effectively address valvular heart disease. This type of approach is ideal for treatment of this condition.

An internationally renowned cardiology expert, Dr. Crandall is the perfect choice for the management and treatment of valvular heart disease in West Palm Beach. He is a member of the American Board of Cardiovascular Disease and the American College of Cardiology, and he has years of experience in vascular, transplant, and interventional cardiology.

What Is Valvular Heart Disease?

Heart valves open or close to help control blood flow through the chambers of the heart. When a person has valvular heart disease, one or more of these valves has trouble opening and closing, which negatively impacts blood flow. In some cases, this is due to narrowing of the heart valve, while in others, it is due to displacement of the valve’s flaps.

People with valvular heart disease may experience dizziness, fatigue, swelling in the ankles and feet, chest pain, abdominal swelling, trouble breathing, or lightheadedness. Valvular heart disease can result in an abnormal heartbeat, blood clots, heart failure, an enlarged heart, stroke, or even death. Because of this, proper treatment is vital.

What Is the Concierge Cardiology Approach to Treating Valvular Heart Disease?

Quite simply, the concierge approach is a more personalized treatment approach. Your concierge cardiologist is focused on developing a holistic understanding of your valvular heart disease. This means learning about the many factors that may be contributing to it, from the aging process to high blood pressure to high cholesterol. Diet, exercise, stress, smoking, and many other lifestyle factors will all be carefully analyzed.

Regular monitoring of valvular heart disease is key, since many cases do not require treatment unless they worsen. Your concierge cardiologist monitors your condition regularly and adjusts your treatment plan accordingly. They work with other types of medical specialists to ensure that your treatment plan is as comprehensive as possible.

If your condition has worsened, your concierge cardiologist will create a plan of action to address it effectively. This may include a variety of lifestyle changes, medications to combat symptoms and other contributing conditions, and surgical interventions.

The concierge cardiology approach allows patients to avoid the long and frustrating waits that are typically associated with arranging an appointment with a specialist. With concierge cardiology, your cardiologist has an appointment ready at your convenience.

Concierge cardiology allows for a direct line to your cardiologist in those times when it’s most crucial. If you have concerns about your health status, you can get the answers you deserve in a timely manner.

Arrange Your Personalized Consultation

To learn more about the concierge cardiology approach to treating valvular heart disease in West Palm Beach, contact The Palm Beach Clinic. Dr. Chauncey Crandall will meet with you to discuss your condition and optimal management methods. Take the first step—arrange your consultation today.


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