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No ‘Secret Formula’ for Dieting

No ‘Secret Formula’ for Dieting

No ‘Secret Formula’ for Dieting
A few years ago, while I was working on the manuscript for my book, “The Simple Heart Cure: The 90 Day Program to Stop and Reverse Heart Disease,” I realized that I would like to include a healthy diet that could help readers prevent or even reverse heart disease.

But I wasn’t completely sure. Nutrition has always been one of my interests, but I didn’t consider myself a diet book author.

On the other hand, I had successfully lost weight on a plan that I’d customized for myself.

So, using the principles I created for my own weight loss, I put together a basic diet and several menu plans for the book.

I also began explaining the diet and giving the menu plans to my patients.

Since then, the book’s become an Amazon best-seller, and I’ve been blown away by the success that my patients — and my readers — have had with the diet!

Of course, I’d like to be able to tell you that my diet contains some secret formula that no one has ever thought of before, bringing about a complete revolution in nutritional thinking.

But like most fundamental truths, the wisdom of my Life Plan Diet is based on ideas that have been understood for ages.

I would, however, like to propose a new approach to what you eat. You have to plan for success.

This means no eating “on the fly.”

If you don’t have a refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy foods, you’re likely to leave the house hungry, and then pull into the first fast-food restaurant you see.

Planning meals and snacks ahead of time eliminates this possibility.

It also gives people the freedom to diet at their own pace.

I have had many patients follow the Life Plan Diet strictly for the amount of time it takes them to achieve their ideal weight and bring their target numbers into a healthy range.

After that, they up the protein a little to maintain a healthy weight.

And not one of my patients who have followed the diet and lowered their cardiac risk factors — such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose — has gone on to suffer a heart attack.

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