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Does Exercise Lower Blood Pressure? Yes!


Exercise is Essential To Lower Blood Pressure…

You may be wondering…Does Exercise Lower Blood Pressure? If you have high blood pressure, just regular moderate exercise will sharply decrease your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, a new study finds.

That’s the findings of researchers at the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan, who presented the findings from a large study recently at the World Congress of Cardiology in Dubai.

At the conference, lead researcher CP Wen said his team analyzed the exercise habits of 434,190 individuals, who were followed for 12 years. Just 24 percent of the participants were moderately active, or higher, as compared to 22 percent who had low activity levels, and 54 percent who were inactive.

When the researchers looked at the number of people who had died during the follow-up period, they compared those who died from all causes with those whose demise was due to cardiovascular disease. They found that those who were inactive had higher blood pressure readings of 40-50 mmHg more, which translated to a significantly higher risk of cardiac death.

This study provides proof that, if you have high blood pressure, moderate exercise is absolutely essential to lower your risk of dying from heart disease. So lace up those sneakers, and head outside for a one-hour walk!

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Chauncey Crandall

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