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Neil Armstrong’s Heart Disease Battle

The death of America’s most famous astronaut Neil Armstrong due to complications following quadruple heart bypass surgery might seem surprising, considering how routine this major operation has beco...

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Nanotechnology: The Future of Heart Medicine?

Research that successfully uses nanotechnology to deliver a substance that helps regenerate ailing heart muscle tissue could be the next step in the field of regenerative medicine, which someday could be used to repair human hearts without surg...

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Lying May Be Bad For Your Health

Dr. Chauncey Crandall, along with many other health professionals, have observed throughout their medical careers that various individuals with dishonest lifestyles generally possess a wide array of health problems. The University of Notre Dame...

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Diabetes Kills the Cardiovascular ‘Tree’

With Type 2 diabetes, we need to keep one thing clearly in mind: Insulin is a growth hormone. As long as the body is producing insulin, high blood sugar counts cause relatively little damage. It’s the body’s attempt to bring these count...

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